Accounts Payable Dept.

This is a photograph of graffiti written on a modern outhouse door. The outhouse is located in a open wooded area. The words "Accounts Payable Dept." are written in marker. The words are small in proportion to the outhouse door they are written on.
Account Payable Dept.
, originally uploaded by blackframesyx.

Danger Bay 10 took place during the long weekend in May, which also happens to coincide with my birthday, May 24th. This a longboarding race that my friend Bricin has hosted in Pender Harbour for the last 10 years.

I raced the first few years. I hurdled myself downhill with minimal equipment on, standing side by side with 3 others making high-speed 90 degree turns while trying not to lose my shit.
This is on the top of one of the more infamous roads on the Sunshine Coast that the riders call “Jake’s Rash”. It’s broken its fair share of bones and shaved off plenty of skin!
This is the last shot I took that weekend. I was just showing my photo partner Loren the wicked road when at the top there were these porta johns or outhouses.

I never would have expected to find a NoGraffito at the top of Jake’s Rash, but I’m happy I did, in more ways than one.

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