But I still love you.

This is a photograph of a cinder brick wall with the words "But I still love you" written in oil stick. The brick wall and words are shadowed by the fence that is in the foreground. The shadow of the fence runs at an angle up from the bottom left corner. The barbed wire at the top of the fence is visible in the shadows and adds its own comment to the writing. - NoGraffito 

But I still love you., originally uploaded by blackframesyx.

Sometimes people don’t say the things they mean.
Truth lies in the shadows.

Did they know how the shadow of the fence and the barbed wire would comment back?

“I feel trapped, But I still love you.”

I love moments when random words and light play together nicely.


  • syx

    honey, i promise this isn’t about us. it’s just a cool photo!

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