don’t fall in line.

This is a photograph of a boarded up garage door and a cinder block wall. The block wall is white with a red stripe running horizontal and gets interrupted by the grey board and the words "fall in love, don't fall in line..." written in spray paint. The bottom of the frame is lined with overgrown grass and the bottom edge of the cinder blocks.

This was taken yesterday on one of our family walks.  It reminded me of a blog entry that i read from Scott Bourne earlier this month.
It is a hard thing to do… not fall in line. Sometimes the line is a huge crowd, sometimes it’s just a path made by a few people, but it’s important to always find your own path. This is true in almost anything in life, but I¬†definitely relate to this most with photography.

I know that I’ve been guilty of it in the past, “new for new’s sake”. However, this doesn’t always produce successful or pleasing results.

There is something to be said for staying your own photographic course, after all, it is just that rut that may become your visual signature.


  • kb

    Well said, I may have to rethink the line

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